founder of Feel Film, filmmaker and mom

I am the founder of FF, a filmmaker and a mom. I like space, freedom and dreams. To me, film means a connection with myself, but also a bridge that lets me fly between worlds… It is a possibility to dream my own dream. Feel Film is my love and my passion. It is the desire to have a life full of creativity and connections. Feel Film is a personal inner journey, where film is not the endpoint, it is a gate that invites you to look inside and learn to live in harmony with other people and the Earth.


sculptor, painter, designer, cook

I am a sculptor, designer, painter, cook, teacher, and in FF, I am mostly a designer. I create practical and beautiful objects for FF that have to do with the topics of the films. What links me with FF is a desire to evolve, live naturally, freely and with respect to myself, others and the world around me. And I want to express this desire and share it with others.



Seven years ago I met Pavla Svobodová at FAMU school. She was cheeky, never let anyone explain things to her and did everything her own way. And in spite of all this, I started working with her. Today, we have been work “husband and wife” for seven years. Why? Because I saw potential in her, which she is fulfilling through Feel Film. A place where audio-visual art makes sense!



I have just returned from a cosmic voyage together with a friend, and we brought a suitcase full of new intergalactic sounds. In my previous existence on planet Earth, I participated in film scoring, documentaries, sound design, the studies of several World instruments, meditative music and other sound-cultural aspects. I have always believed in the organic one-ness of souls and have worked for awareness, beauty and creation. I feel and touch sound and film.