The Story of the Placenta recounts the personal experiences of five women from various countries, who encounter the placenta throughout their lives on many different levels. Through their studies, research and their own experience and contact with the placenta, they re-discover its importance and show us its biological, symbolic, mystical and spiritual essence.

The Story of the Placenta tells us how we can renew our relationship with ourselves, life and the world, thanks to learning about the placenta.


When a new life is formed, it reflects a huge creative force and the placenta is its silent witness. While the foetus undergoes all the stages of development, the placenta nourishes it, protects it, supports its growth and tends to it. As the basic link between mother and child, it stores information about the new life that is forming, its growth and nutrition, and it contains the image of our life plan, who we are and why we came to Earth. Because a human being is not just a mixture of sperm and blood, information from the mother and the father, it also has some characteristics sent from above. The placenta is our guide through knowledge.

Each placenta is different, its individual, personal imprint is specific and it has a lot of potential.

Who appears in this film:

Ibu Robin Lim – midwife and author of the book „Placenta – the Forgotten Chakra”

Marisa Alcalá Boces – midwife carrying the knowledge of traditional midwives

Sophia Johnson – scientist researching hormones in placenta medicine

Vladimíra Řeháčková – homeopath researching the use of homeopathics made of placenta

Katherene Bramhal – midwife supporting natural births

Filmmaker's Statement

The placenta showed me its might and strength when I was giving birth to my son. It showed me the tight connection between life and death. Jonatan’s birth was very quick and calm. The moment I touched his head when he was coming out into the world was one of the most powerful in my life. Our midwife just whispered: “Don’t worry, you can let go.” I only answered: “I’m not afraid.” After Jonatan was born, there was a problem separating the placenta and I started bleeding heavily. As I lost a lot of blood, we used the placenta completely, especially for my own support and nutrition. I was able to experience its work as a temporary organ for my child, but also try its medicinal and mystical purposes on myself, and later I started using it for Jonatan and other members of my family.

In our home, the placenta is a silent guide. It tells our own intimate story, supports us, heals us and leads us towards our essence.

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