Learning to perceive with all of the senses inside and outside ourselves.

A film never ends with the screening, as for us, another important part of creation is our relationship with the viewer. That is why our screenings have the form of get-togethers which can develop our art of subtle distinctions and clear insight.

Dates of screenings and workshops

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Why a screening as an encounter?

There are many tools to understand ourselves. An important part of self-discovery is learning to observe and distinguish. Each screening is different and the film comes to life together with the viewer. What we see on the screen can be internalized, and it causes a certain change.

By learning to look and reflect what the film mirrors in us, we can take another step on the road to self-understanding. We become observers of the story on the screen, as well as our own. Let’s learn to observe ourselves and become co-creators.

Practicing our senses, seeing film, hearing film, tasting film, touching film… breathing film…

The Birth of Workshops

The creative process resembles the process of giving birth, which is why when a film is born, something ends but something new begins. This way, a thought, a pressing need was born to continue taking care of the film and growing alongside it. I consider meeting over a film an opportunity to mature, to grow up, while the film becomes a bridge to mutual communication and self-exploration.

As authors, we often learn to push through our own opinions and views, to create an original work, which becomes exceptional thanks to our own unique imprint. I love the journey of shared discovery!

When I create documentary films, I often ask questions and observe. When you let yourself and others share their insights with you, you can learn a lot more. You will see many films in each viewer. You will learn to really watch, listen and perceive with sensitivity. It is then that a person becomes a filmmaker.