Porcelain amulet

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Handmade bottle for placenta homeopathic pills, herbs, amulets… Closable with a cork stopper and has a silk string to hang around the neck.

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This product, as well as many other beautiful ones, are created for you by artist Kateřina Pěkná. I am a sculptor, painter, a designer, a cook (vegetarian and vegan food), I am interested in non-traditional forms of education, foreign lands, plants and herbs, and life in harmony with nature. I graduated from FaVU in Brno, figure sculpture in the atelier of Prof. ak. soch. Michal Gabriel. During my studies, I experienced study stays in Cluj, Romania, and Rennes in France. Currently, I enjoy my collaboration with Feel Film and an eco-funeral trio called Ke kořenům (To the Roots), for whom I create paper urns. I make porcelain accessories for the house and the body, I draw, I paint and I sculpt and paint portraits on demand, as well as free sculptures and objects.

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Dimensions 6 × 1.2 × 2.5 cm

Coccoon, Vial with wings, Vial with wings jagged, Vial with wings 2 holes, Vial with wings 4 holes